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Dog & Scissors Episodes 1-3 Review

Posted by Jeremy Kahn Tuesday, September 17, 2013
We've had it pretty good these last couple of seasons in regards to anime with this recent one probably being the best one yet. Among all the shows, there are bound to be ones you might miss or overlook. Dog and Scissors is one of these. I'll try my best to avoid spoilers, but be aware, there might be a few things in the following that can be considered spoiler territory.
watch Scary anime tsundere yandere girl be mean to little dachshund dog legally on streaming site CrunchyRoll not through torrents
Insert random neuter joke.

Episodes 1-3 sets up the show's premise. After a being killed by a robber while trying to protect a woman, Kazuhito heads off to the afterlife. During his spiritual journey, he begs to live so he can read his favorite novelist's last book which has yet to be written. Somehow his pleads are hear and he's brought back to a dachshund.

Making matters more interesting, he's then adopted by the same woman he was killed saving. In a coincidental turn of events, this woman turns out to be his favorite novelist, Natsuno Kirihime. Now, as a dog he can't talk, yet Kirihime can somehow understand his thoughts. Aside from her and her editor, no one can understand Kazuhito.

If this premise sounds weird already, just wait as the show starts leaning into harem territory by introducing new girl after girl, even a overprotective, crazy little sister type. Of course, the only woman for Kazuhito is Kirihime who is the perfect yandere/tsundere type. She subtly expresses her feelings for this dog who's about as thickheaded as they come and only cares about books. Yes, he's a neet. A book otaku. Only caring about the 2D. We catch a glimpse of the place where he lived as a human and, as to be expected, he went so far as to rent a separate apartment just for his books.

Getting back on track, episode two finishes the first episodes story by having Kirihime and Kazuhito track down the robber that killed Kazuhito. From this confrontation with Kazuhito's killer we get a glimpse at how Kirihime's books influence other people. This actually drives home the message on how impactful books are in our lives. This point in the episode is something that pops up repeatedly over the course of the series. Further proving how important books are to us as humans.

Episode three is mostly there to serve as an introduction to Kazuhito's sister and Kirihime's editor. Kirihime being a sadist, we get the opposite side of things with her editor who is a masochist. One thing I forgot to bring up yet is Kirihime's trademark scissors. She always carriers around with her these pair of scissor which she's not afraid to use on annoyances or on a certain thick headed, loudmouth dog.

There's a lot of humor within these first three episodes as well as great set-up for things to come. What comes off as some weird beastality, erotica show, just happens to have a pretty good story to tell. So, if you're looking for something really out there to watch, or want a break from the norm, take a look at Dog & Scissors. Now streaming on CrunchyRoll.


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