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Disney Child Stars Gone Wild: Miley Cyrus

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Ah yes how the mighty have fallen. With this new series here on Fanboys Anonymous, I will be talking about how some of the stars that Disney creates have gone into the world of Hollywood and have been subject to public scrutiny for some choices that they have made. Today we will discuss probably the biggest names out of all of these stars gone wild, with that person being none other than Hannah Montana star, Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus nude
Doesn't her face make you question what she is doing at that moment?
As you can see from the picture to the left, Miley has had a pretty wild time since her time with Disney. As the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, a very successful country singer, Miley easily had the connections to Hollywood and the music industry. With a voice of an angel to back her up, she easily can be consider to have an even better voice than her father's. Miley's stardom began with the 2006 Disney series Hannah Montana, which easily became the most popular show on the network in less than a year. Her work then led to albums being produced with her as Hannah Montana, and world tours for her music were soon to follow. By 2009, most people considered Miley a positive public image and a good role model for young children. This image, however, soon changed.

Smoking cannabis, or weed for the smart ones out there, is one way to get a lot of heat and criticism. Also posing nude for photoshoots and some provocative outfits while performing is another way for some to question ones morals. Both of which, Miley is well known for. Even for her birthday she had a Bob Marley cake and later made a comment along the lines of you know you smoke too much weed when you have your friends make a Bob Marley cake for your birthday. These thngs along with some other have contributed to the one being a rotten egg after previously being the best one in the bunch.

However, despite all of this negativity in her life, she is still a very successful pop artist and is pretty much a well known sex-symbol around the world. She has done various twerks, a new dance that was recently popularized, and has a new album set to come out later this year. The Disney cardboard cut out Hannah Montana is long gone. Miley has shown her true colors, a girl who has gave in to Hollywood.
Miley Cyrus nude
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