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Cowboy Bebop Director to Debut Unique Comedy Series Called Space Dandy

Posted by Sean Mitchell Friday, September 27, 2013
For those who don't know the man by name, Shinichiro Watanabe is a man to pay attention to. Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, and most recently, Kids on the Slope, are all stellar and unique shows. Watanabe's works will always be important to me. Cowboy Bebop was the first anime to show me the power the medium has. (If you're somehow unfamiliar with his work, for the love of god buy Cowboy Bebop immediately.) Pairing that potential with Watanabe's unique sensibilities and the results are always something never seen before.
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I may be biased but this screenshot sold me immediately...
There isn't a lot of information floating about the tubes as of just yet, but the series is pegged by Watanabe himself as being purely comedic. The show is based around alien hunter Dandy, the "dandiest man in space." In an interview with the folks of Anime News Network, Watanabe says how this show will be drastically different from anything we've seen in a comedy series thus far.

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Dat title screen!

"I feel that current animation trends are a bit toned down. Things could be bigger and more extravagant in anime. That's what I'd like to express. I feel like I want to make anime that destroys the norms, something that would be strong even if it is unconventional. I want to do things that other people haven't done before, and not get trapped up in those "this has to be done this way" sorts of ideas. I'm always wanting to try new stuff. At the same time, I want Space Dandy to be something you can still have fun with and just enjoy as a comedy. Every week the main characters will go to different stars, but from star to star, entirely different themes will be explored, and that means we will completely change over the style of everything each time. There will be different art styles, different moods, different directing styles, all completely unique for each episode. At the same time, there will be aliens from other planets every week, but every planet has different designers, so there will be lots of varied designs in one place onscreen."

Wow. Well that sounds...spectacular. Based on the teaser alone this already seems to be over the top and ridiculous. Those are two things I love in a comedy. I can only pray the good folks at Crunchyroll will be all over this, because I want to pour this shit into my face IMMEDIATELY.

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