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YouTube Spotlight: Brizzy Voices

Posted by The Dace Man Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Brizzy Pokemon Impressions
Hey Hey Hey Fanboy Anonymous Nation!!!  It is the mechageek known as Chris "The Dace Man" Dace here with another article and hopefully a new reoccurring feature spotlighting a YouTube sensation each week. To kick of the inaugural YouTube spotlight I travel up the NJ Turnpike to find a young aspiring voice actress Anna Brisbin or as many of us among the geeky internet community know her as BrizzyVoices.  This beautiful young YouTuber has over 360,000 subscribers and well over 25 million views for her videos. Her videos span from impressions of The Simpsons to South Park and to my personal favorite Pokemon. On top of her fantastic impressions she has a quirky Vlog where she express her opinions and shows off some of the enat stuff she owns and does in her spare time. Handling two channels on YouTube, Brizzy Voices and BrizzyVlogs, the young actress from New York, New York has taken the Internet by storm. Here's looking to a future where I'm watching Saturday Morning Cartoons and her name scrolls by on the credits as a voice actor. So this wraps up our first YouTube Spot light so make sure all you nerds out there to enjoy the clip and do the following:

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