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Week in Geek: August 22-28, 2013

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, August 28, 2013
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Nerdy current events in geek culture for the week


Joss Whedon spoke on what he dislikes about The Empire Strikes Back, saying: "Empire committed the cardinal sin of not actually ending, which at the time I was appalled by and I still think it was a terrible idea." He claims he wants a full experience with an actual end and not something that feels like it's telling you to "come back next week, or in three years".

My take: Makes sense, and it's tough to argue against it. While cliffhanger endings do serve a good purpose, people shouldn't do them without making the film feel like it has a true ending on top of it. Look at what they're able to do now with post-credit or mid-credit teasers. It's the same effect, but after the film has already completed.

Daniel Mindel, the cinematographer for Star Trek, will team back up with J.J. Abrams for Star Wars: Episode VII.

My take: Here come the lens flare jokes. Hopefully, they don't actually do that. They need to keep that in Star Trek. This is good, though, as Mindel has proven himself with the Star Trek films to understand how to go for a realistic look rather than an abundantly obvious CGI-effect like the prequel trilogy ended up having at times.

The fifth Pirates of the Caribbean will be titled "Dead Men Tell No Tales".

My take: I'm on the fence....not bad....kind of bland.

A new X-Files film, a Spawn reboot, and a new Scooby Doo movie in the works?

My take: I won't be seeing them, but if you are interested, what are your thoughts?.


The Final Fantasy XIV early access period was plagued by congestion issues, making gameplay extremely difficult if not impossible.

My take: Fanboy Sean Mitchell dealt with this firsthand and was justifiably frustrated.

Fanboy Zach Roth stumbled upon SaltyBet.com, a website that lets you bet virtual money on live video game situations (primarily fighting contests and competitive games).

My take: Fanboy Sean Mitchell dealt with this firsthand and was justifiably frustrated.

Nintendo has a new battery for the Wii U which boasts a 5-8 hour use time.

My take: Every improvement that Nintendo can make, and any other company for that matter, is for the better.

Microsoft has switched the Microsoft Points concept into real currency for Xbox Live.

My take: Sounds good to me.


NewMediaMetrics has a new study predicting which TV shows that are new will end up being a sure-success, based on their Emotional Attachment algorithms (blah blah blah). They've identified The Crazy Ones, The Michael J. Fox Show, Sleepy Hollow, Ironside, Hostages, Almost Human, The Blacklist, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Reign.

My take: Very interesting. I love reading things like this and trying to predict them myself.

Rambo TV series, coming soon and not starring Sylvester Stallone?

My take: Hey, why not give it a shot? Rambo could work as a TV series, particularly on something like NBC, and you'd need to recast a younger actor in the role. Stallone can work on it as an executive producer or something.


The new Cyborg Superman is no longer Hank Henshaw. Instead, he's Kara Zor-El's father and will be a Supergirl villain, primarily.

My take: Stupid. Supergirl needs to stop being crammed down everyone's throats just like Cyborg is, and there are too many Superman spinoff characters. Why can't Supergirl fight with her father and have him not be Cyborg Superman, also? Poor Hank Henshaw.


Hugh Jackman, after wrapping production on X-Men: Days of Future Past, donated $10,000 on behalf of the cast and crew to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation, then treated everyone to a screening of The Butler as well as a bunch of TA Pies (a local Montreal pie shop).

My take: Jackman continues to prove that he's a nice guy. It's always great to see a celebrity use their fame and fortune to help others.


YouTube sensation "Fred" has come out and stated that he's gay.

My take: Congrats. I think his character is stupid and his videos are dumb, but that's good to hear that he felt comfortable enough to say that. That's who he is (rather than him actually being a high-pitched spaz) and he should be able to live his life the way he chooses.

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