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The Top 10 Nickelodeon Cartoons

Posted by The Dace Man Saturday, August 24, 2013
Hey Hey Hey Fanboy Nation, it is I, Chris "The Dace Man" Dace here today to run down the top 10 Nickelodeon Cartoons!! So strap in and let us get rolling on the Era of Awesomeness and the cartoons that made me demented and twisted as I am!!
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Diving in at Number 10: SpongeBob Square Pants

Watch Spongebob Episodes Online FreeOoooooooooh Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? That's right SpongeBob Squarepants! Now I have not been a major fan of this franchise since it's incarnation  in May of 99 but never the less he is an icon of Nickelodeon. Spanning nine seasons an 185 episodes, SpongeBob has been a pop culture icon for over 14 years....yes let that sink in. To me the only saving grace to the show is his dim witted side kick Patrick. SpongeBob has conquered the airwaves and generations for a decade and a half with no end in site. Capturing the hearts of 2 generations and looking on conquering a third it is one of the longest running cartoons in Nickelodeon's history. SpongeBob was also the last Nickelodeon cartoon to have a major motion picture release globally with the self entitled The SpongeBob Square Pants Movie. As much as I wish this show would go away one can not deny the success and accomplishments of your little yellow squared friend. That being said lets go back to the surface and check out number nine.

Rolling in at Number 9: Rocket Power

Rocket Power Renewed
Alohoa Little cuz! This group of beach bum pre-teens rolled across our television for 3 seasons and 61 episodes. Giving us the view of life through the eyes of kids who live down at the shore the entire year and not just the summer. getting into those every day pre-teen problems and having and Uncle Tito from Hawaii to me is a great combo for cartoon success. Having a ride variety of sports guests, such as the legendary Tony Hawk, the four Pre-Teens Oswald "Otto" Rocket, Regina "Reggie" Rocket, Maurice "Twister" Rodriguez, and Sam "Squid" Dullard popped on our televisions from 1999 to 2004. Week in and week out they would teach us the lessons of life at fictional Ocean SHores and the importance of friendship and family. That's why Team Rocket Power made it on the top 10 cartoons list! So now lets leave the coast of Northern California and head to the jungles of africa for number 8 on our list.

Swinging from the Trees at number 8: The Wild Thornberrys

Torrent Download The Wild Thornberrys Watch Cartoon OnlineHaving a run from the Fall of 98 to 2004 the quirky family known as the Thornberrys graced our television screen following the adventures of Nigel Thornberry and his family. Cursed with the ability to hear animals talk Eliza, Nigel's daughter, begins helping animals as her family films a popular Nature show. Eliza's best friend Darwin, who is a monkey, helps her on her adventures to rescue animals and their needs in the safaris of Africa. Her sister Debbie tries to have a teenager life on the road and her adoptive brother Donnie is just the wild card bitches!!! The Thornberrys gave us 5 seasons with 92 episodes and appeared on the big screen twice, teaming up with another one of our featured shows on the list as well as their own feature length film. You Wild Thornberrys have mad the list and congratulations now lets grab some wood and head on down to the river for number 7.

Building a damn at number 7: The Angry Beavers

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Lets put the title aside for a moment and look at a beloved cartoon from the 90s, The Angry Beavers. Brothers Norbert and Daggett appeared on our screens from April of 97 to November of 01. Giving us 4 seasons and 61 episodes the brothers introduce us to such friends as Stump, who literally was a stump, and a character based on Barry White....Barry Bear. Now the series is by no means a classic and one that really teaches life lessons. In fact the show is probably best suited for Cartoon Networks' Adult swim with all the in-jokes, adult humor and hell...the title. Yours truly though absolutely loves the series because of how cool and slick Norbert was and how moronic Daggett is. The series was staple in my child hood as I vividly remember the episodes and laughing my butt off before I got the adult humor. The two beavers never made it to the big screen and when it comes to Nickelodeon cartoons really didn't have that long of a run, but to me it was all fun cheeky humor and they deserve to  be on this list and especially at number 7. Now lets leave our wood behind with the Angry Beavers and make a wish for number 6.

Poofing in at number 6: The Fairly Odd Parents

Watch The Fairly Odd Parents Season OnlineTimmy is an average kid that no one understands. Mom and Dad and Vicky always giving him commands! That's right our favorite pink shirt wearing tween and his loveable Fairy Odd Parents!! Timmy Turner blasted on the Nickelodeon scene in the Fall of 1998 wrapping up the illustrious 90s Nick Cartoon Era! With his bumbling fool of a Odd Father Cosmo and the some one voice of reason Odd Mother Wanda, we have scene the trio in over 9 seasons and 131 episodes, thus far. The series still goes strong today bringing in a
newer younger generation as well as still hooking in the 90s kids who are well in their 20s now. With the ever slight hat tips to an adult culture as well as the slap stick comedy that keeps children entertain the series has managed to anamor 3 generations. They have also been able to pop out eight cartoon movies, one live action movie and three team ups with Jimmy Neutron. and impressive run if I do say so myself. The series is chugging along with no end in site, a tenth anniversary and a sequel to the live action film. So crowns off to you FAIRY! ODD! PARENTS! now lets head back to Middle School.

Running Late for school at number 5: Doug

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Patty, you're the pickle in my coleslaw, Patty, you're the sugar in my tea, Patty, you're the relish on my hotdog, and Patty, you're the mayonnaise for me. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who could deny the awesome short and catchy songs from the main character and the band The Beats. Coming in at number five is the legendary Doug, and no not that shit Disney gave us. I'm talking about the 90s nick cartoon that aired from 1991 to 1994. Yeah Doug is as old as my brother. Now under the Nickelodeon run the animation wasnt as crisp and they didn't have Disney money for a movie but never the less we have the classic episodes. With his blue pal Skeeter, his green enemy Roger, and his blonde tan goddess Patty... Doug gave us the perspective of a young teen who just moved to a new town, Bluffington. With awesome catch phrases as "You Bet I Am" and amazing mating calls of the elusive nematoad the show still sticks with it's core audience from the 90s. I still yell Ka-lu-ka-coo especially when I try to imitate a bird. The show had 52 episodes with it's run on Nickelodeon before it got Disney money and ran an additional 65 episodes of a course or 8 years and 7 seasons. Sofortunately for us who stay up late to watch the 90s Are All That, Doug made a run but is currently not airing these days, but hey go on Amazon and buy the awesomeness that is Nickelodeon's Doug and will hit the Urban Streets for number 4.

Trolling the Urban Streets at number 4: Hey Arnold

Watch Hey Arnold Episodes Download SeasonUh...Here we go, here we go....Arnold! That's right our favorite football headed, morally conscious fourth 90s nick line up. You can catch Hey Arnold on the 90s on Nick Segment during the week as well as DVD these days so one last time "Move it Foot Ball Head!" and lets crawl in to the top 3!
grader Arnold comes in at number 4. Spanning 5 seasons and exactly 100 episodes Arnold gave some important life lessons with his very diverse group of friends. Always the "Do the right thing guy" Arnold would help elevate his friends to a morally higher ground while also giving us some classic characters as Stoop Kid and Chocolate Boy. With his best friend Gerald by his side and his stalker/enemy Helga on his heels Arnold tried to live the life of a normal 4th grade, as normal as a cartoon would allow. He live with his bat shit crazy Grandma and his Awesome story telling Grandpa in a boarding house with lots of wacky tenants.  Arnold made it to the big screen like some of our other contenders on this list and then gracefully bowed out of the cartoon scene. Running from October of 96 to June 04 Arnold dominated the morality spot in our line up

Getting Diaper Rash at Number 3: Rugrats

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Coming in at number 3 is the Iconic series that grab a generation of parent's wallets and bled them dry. spanning over nine seasons and 172 episodes these diaper heroes, known as The Rugrats, were one of the Nickelodeon's heavy hitters. having a run from 1991 to 2004 these babies saw the big screen three times. They have had numerous holiday specials, I for one received all of my historical holiday information from them, and have had countless video games and toys made from their success. As if nine seasons wasn't enough the little babies grew up to be teenagers in the series Rugrats: All Grown Up that ran for an additional 5 seasons with 55 episodes in a four year span. They are officially the juggernaut of cartoons when it comes to Nickelodeon. Though they did have a failed attempt of another spin-off Rugrats Pre-School Daze featuring Angelica and Suzie the series without a shadow of a doubt is one of if not THE most succeful franchise Nickelodeon has ever produced. These Babies, Tommy, Phil, Lil, Chuckie, Angelica Suzie and the future additions of Dil and Kimmie shaped my childhood. I seriously watched from 1991 to 2008 some form of Rugrats, to me that speaks volumes about how amazing and successful this Franchise is and was. So for all of you arguing why this is not number one and is number three I will tell you this. The top three was very hard for me to organize and you will see why. Though this is the most successful I have my reasons for number one and two. So lets bounce to Number two. 

Disturbing every ones memory of their Childhood at number 2: Rocko's Modern Life

Watch Rocko's Modern Life Dirty Jokes Adult HumorI dare you right now to ask any 90s Nick watcher what is the one show they absolutely loved as a child and a way to short 4 seasons and 52 episodes the show had its original run from, starting on my birthday (kind of a big deal), September 18th 1993 and running to November of 96. This show was the counter-part of our number one and absolutely ridiculous. So i have to know "Where are you really really big man?" and will we ever get a Wacky Deli feature length movie? This Fanboy hopes like hell we do! So now it's time for the big reveal at number one....unless you were a dick and started from the bottom in that case you already know.
the majority will say Rocko's Modern Life. This show was edgy as hell to be aired for children and most of now look back and go "Oh Dear God how did we not get that". I bring this to you as number two because it is the most memorable show from our childhood and the most watched of the Nickelodeon Golden Age today. I still watch this show with a group of friends and laugh my ass off. I can not say the same for The Rugrats hence why I felt this would rank higher. The show followed a Wallaby, a Cow, and a Turtle through a bizarre and very adult themed world. In fact there are videos on YouTube that will show you hundreds of subtle adult jokes with in the show... To me this show will stick with me for the rest of my life and has unlimited re-watch value. Spanning

The Original Nicktoon at Number 1: The Ren & Stimpy Show

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So this spot had to be reserved for one of the three original Nicktoons. The Ren and Stimpy show debuted in 1991 alongside The Rugrats, clearly geared to a very young audience, and Doug, geared to pre teen audience, as the off the wall adult humor that wasn't even going to try and hide it. The show was extremely controversial and has given us so many memorable lines and songs. I've been singing "The Log" song all week which in turn was what sparked me to write this article to begin with. They would have a run of 5 seasons with 52 episodes between 91 and 96. Spike TV tried to cash in on the 90s generation by reviving the series in 2003 but only lasted 7 episodes lacking the vibe and the glamour of the original run. So what would a Cat and Chihuahua possibly do to stay on the air waves for 5 years and be so iconic. The answer, absolutely anything rude and crude they could think of. Even though the show debuted around the same time as Doug and The Rugrats when asking most adults The Ren and Stimpy show is considered the original cartoon that drew to Nickelodeon hence why they are number one on our list.

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