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The Dace Man Show Ep 8 - I Have an Uncle Tom

Posted by The Dace Man Friday, August 16, 2013
Check out episode 8 of The Dace Man Show with regulars Mike Paden Michael Burhan and Brian Gibson! Also call-in guests Jeff Coop and Frank Cline!

Lady Gaga Nude

Join The Dace Man this week as he tackles:

Sports News
  • If Major League Baseball does not completely recant their accusations against A-Rod he plans on suing.
  • Former NFL superstar and Philadelphia Eagle Hugh Douglas has just been FIRED from his gig on an ESPN show in the wake of reports he called his co-host an "Uncle Tom."
  • The Philadelphia 76ers have hired Spurs assistant Brett Brown to replace Doug Collins, who resigned in April
  • Nadal smashed the number 1 seat in the face….Sorry Brah

Weird World News With Gibby!

Celeb News This Week:
  • Soulja Boy was kicked off a flight for acting like an ass.
  • Paula Dean won here case against Lisa Jackson about the whole racism incident. Too Little to Late
  • Leah Remini called the Police on the head Scientologists for a missing persons report.
  • Oprah was turned away from buying an expensive purse screams Racism.
  • Gaga Nude….told ya she wasn’t a dude.
The Off the wall Topic: Late night Show Shake up. Jimmy Fallon to Replace Leno, Myers to replace Fallon, Is Dave leaving anytime soon and John Oliver temporarily replaced Jon Stewart. What will the landscape of Late night look like 2014 and beyond. What makes a good Talk Show host and who is the greatest of all time?

Also the fan favorite segments: the High Five (Movie Franchises) and the Douchebag of the Week

Step into the Crazy Train with Chris "The Dace Man" Dace this week on The Dace Man show....queue the Final Countdown!!!

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