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The Dace Man Show Ep 7 - Back to Summer Camp with Chris Grant

Posted by The Dace Man Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Check out episode 7 of The Dace Man Show with regulars Mike Paden and Brian Gibson! Also very Special Guest CHRIS GRANT!!

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Join The Dace Man this week as he tackles:

Weird World News

  • Troy Walker had a blown perfect game when the racking mechanism triggered blocking his ball. In his do over shot he finished the game with a 297. 
  • An Australian woman caught up in a scam ended up paying $1,200 for two pieces of fruit when she was under the impression she was purchasing two iPhone
  • Sharknado....Did it really happen?
Sports News
  • 12 MLB players were suspended due to the Bio Genesis Scandal. A-Rod was the 13th name but he has appealed the 211 game suspension. Will this keep A-Rod out of the HoF if convicted?
  • The Dallas Cowboys went head to head with the Miami Dolphis in pre-season action Sunday winning 24-20 
  • Cooper returned to practice with the Philadelphia Eagles after the concert incident.
Celeb News This Week:
  • Amanda Bynes is getting back on the right track with a cocktail of medications to treat what appears to be schizophrenia.
  • Lindsay Lohan is apparently on the right track as well banning alcohol from all places she goes.
  • Simon Cowell has been all over Celeb news this past week for having an affair with his friends wife who is now having Cowell’s child.
  • The documents that Lady Gaga was trying to suppress were successfully hidden from the public
  • Terrance Howard was accused of beating his ex wife.
Our Interview with Chris Grant form USA Network's Summer Camp!!
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Also the fan favorites of the High Five Reality Shows and the Douchebag of the Week

Step into the Crazy Train with Chris "The Dace Man" Dace this week on The Dace Man show....queue the Final Countdown!!!

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