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Ben Affleck Cast as Batman in Reboot

Posted by Anthony Mango Thursday, August 22, 2013
It's official, we have our new Batman, and he's BEN AFFLECK.

First Look at Ben Affleck in Batman Costume Cowl
Ben Affleck will reintroduce Bruce Wayne to a new audience

Interesting enough, while most people immediately go to the thought that he played Daredevil, he also played Superman in the documentary Hollywoodland in 2006.

While I think they could have gone with someone better as well as younger, I do think that Affleck should be given a chance to prove that he could be the right man for the job. A lot of the criticism he gets is from people that bandwagon it and jump on him because they think it'll put them in line with others (see: Michael Bay) rather than actually backing it up with evidence.

One major positive out of this is that we're not getting a far too old Batman, such as the rumored Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Dean Morgan potentials.

I think Affleck needs to sit down and have several long chats with Kevin Smith, who understands the character extremely well. After all, he does the Fatman on Batman podcast. If Kevin Smith is able to steer Affleck in the right direction, I think he could pull it off. He has an uphill battle against him, following so quickly after Christian Bale, but it's not as if this is a choice that would make zero sense. It's not as if they chose Ken Jeong or someone.

Let's give Affleck a chance. If he messes it up...then we'll riot...but until then, I'm not as worried as a lot of other people are.

What do you think about this casting choice? Are you excited or do you think the movie is doomed now?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

And for those interested, someone made up this image to show what Affleck would look like in the cowl:

Production Stills Ben Affleck Batman Set Images Leaked

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