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Lego Simpsons 2014 Controversy - Not Age Appropriate?

Posted by Anthony Mango Tuesday, August 6, 2013
There will be a new set of Lego blocks dedicated to The Simpsons coming in 2014 and for some reason, this has caused some controversy.

The Simpsons Controversy Lego Set 2014 Age-Appropriate Petition

Apparently, there's a number of people up in arms, claiming that The Simpsons aren't age-appropriate toys for children. One person even said The Simpsons aren't appropriate for any age.

To put it simple....what the fuck?!?

This just immediately reminded me of the whole George Bush "we need less families like The Simpsons" nonsense. At one point in time, they were considered too vulgar by some people because of the era of time and how some people just can't accept that the whole world doesn't have the same Ned Flanders mindset that they do. Remember, you used to not even be able to show a married couple sleeping in the same bed together on television.

I'm one of the biggest Simpsons fanatics out of everyone I've spoken to in my life and I cannot think of a single joke that has not been beyond the realm of what their time slot and rating calls for. It's not like we're talking about South Park (another show I love), It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or any other MA-rated show. This is the freaking SIMPSONS. I don't think Bart saying that his Blocko shirt is itchy is exactly you?

Download Simpsons Blocko Episode Torrent
Ow, my freakin' ears!!

On a related note, how have we not had a Simpsons set of Lego blocks yet? They've been used for merchandise on literally everything in the world. They've even parodied their merchandise on their show, multiple well as parodying Lego itself with the Blocko knockoff mentioned above.

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and showcased here

The Simpsons are too much for kids to handle, but THE JOKER was okay to use a Lego character? Have you see what that fucker does in the stories? He, along with nearly every single other Batman villain, is a serial killing sociopath. Star Wars has been tied to Lego before and people get limbs chopped off, stabbed, DECAPITATED...and that's ok, too, apparently. But The Simpsons?

Blocko leeches Simpsons parody Lego
Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children??!!?

This kind of stuff is absolutely ridiculous and I can't help but laugh at the people that are so overly sensitive and butthurt over this. Good luck trying to smother your kids and shield them from the real world for now. Once they get the slightest bit of independence as teenagers, they're going to rebel from their sheltered lives. If you're lucky, you'll end up with a kid that watches the Simpsons instead of becoming a drug/booze addicted whore in college or worse.

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Now seriously, shut up and go rewatch the first 12 brilliant seasons of The can ignore everything else that came after that.

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