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Falling Skies Impresses with Journey to Xibalba and Brazil

Posted by Unknown Thursday, August 8, 2013
My title of this blog says it all really. It's about time I get to watch MY Falling Skies the Falling Skies that I knew and loved from season one and two.

As many of my readers know, I have hated this season up to the point where I didn't want to watch anymore, but these last two episodes have made up for the lackluster ones beforehand and thankfully, I am now looking forward to season four.

In this post, I will be writing about why those two episodes have changed my mind.

Sarah Carter Hot

We see Tom finally arrive back to Charleston on a sailboat just for Pope to greet him, which was a funny moment cause Pope says something along the lines of "Hey Mason, you still owe me a plane", to which Tom replies "you can have the boat". I really liked the chemistry between these two this season.

So Lourdes the mole blows up Charleston and I can't remember why, cause I am still buzzing from the last episode of the series, but I will get back to that. Anyway, we finally get to see some panic and destruction, which this season has been lacking for me. This season has been all about patience to see what the Volm are building and trying to find Anne Glass. We also see a heartfelt moment between Hal (Drew Roy) and Maggie (Sarah Carter) when they are trapped under rubble and struggling for air. Drew carried this scene and I can see a bright future ahead for this actor. At the end of this episode, Tom discovers that Lourdes is the mole and all I could say was ABOUT FREAKING TIME.

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In the last episode, after having finally dug the Volm weapon out of the rubble that it was buried under, the 2nd Mass plans its attack. While Weaver leads a diversion team to the Chicago tower with Pope and his crew (by the way, did I mention I like Pope a lot?), Tom attacks the true target which turned out to be the Boston tower after the long stupid build up which was episode 8 where Karen abdicated him but anyhow back to the attack with the Volm cannon-type weapon. He manages to successfully destroy the tower, shutting down the defence grid. With the defence grid down, the Volm reinforcements finally arrive in a massive city ship looking thing. When they destroyed the tower, what was going through my mind at the time was "I don't think that was a great idea". As the ship lands, it destroys what seems to be the rest of Boston and it is revealed that the Volm army are being led by none other than Cochise's father (the Volm member that has been helping Tom).

Tom and Weaver then discover that the Volm intend to keep the humans out of the war by shipping them off to camps in Brazil what is this World War 2 where people go to concentration camps. Tom is taken into custody by the aliens (for the fourth time I think, since the aliens have been on Earth) and Weaver is forced to surrender with 2nd Mass to the Volm. However, Tom manages to convince the Volm to let the humans go.

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The 2nd Mass heads back to Charleston and along the way, an alien ship lands near them. Karen claims that they cannot trust the Volm and offers a truce to Tom, but he responds by shooting her. While Hal is treating Karen, Maggie finishes the job, killing her. I thought this was a bit unnecessary, but I understand why she did it. Tom then hears Anne calling his name and finds out that both she and Alexis are still alive, but in the past two months, Alexis has grown to around the age of a six year old. Later on, Alexis puts her hands on Lourdes's face and somehow destroys the eye worms that were infecting her to the surprise of Tom and Capitan Weaver .

What I believe will happen in season 4 is that we will see a return of Karen as some sort of clone or cyborg possibly, since they never showed or mentioned burying her. I think Weaver is going to die due to a heart attack because of them teasing heart problems. Tom and Pope will still be at logger heads. Hal and Maggie will eventually break up, because Hal can't forgive Maggie for killing Karen, then get back together cause Maggie gets kidnapped. The Volm will be just as bad if not worse than the other aliens and Alexis will hold the key to stopping this war...or she turns out to be evil and will be in her 20s.

Sarah Carter Hot

If you agree or disagree with my comments about Falling Skies let me know in the comments below or you can put an eye bug in to the Twitter @shaughnessy2k37

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