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EA Please Make Need for Speed Underground 3

Posted by Unknown Saturday, August 10, 2013
Play NFSUG 3 Rom Emulator Online FreeHello there! Welcome to my new rant [caution: contains bad language] on why EA should pull their heads out of each others arseholes and make Need for Speed Underground 3.

Last Thursday, I came across a download link on YouTube and I thought to myself "do I risk it...it could be a virus", but then I thought "hey, that's what my virus protection software is for", so I downloaded the greatest car game ever made in my opinion—Need for Speed Underground 2 (from here on out, referred to as NFSU2 for short).

In E3 of 2012, EA teased about releasing a game close to the developers hearts. My mate and I thought it was NFSU3, but sadly it was Most Wanted. We look at each other, puzzled, and said "fuck this shit" and refused to watch the rest of the conference or buy it. I don't know why they are refusing to develop NFSU3 and whose bright idea it was to make Most Wanted. It sucked back in the day and what I've seen from my brother playing it, it still sucks today.

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This past week has flown by and I have ranked up to nearly 27 hours on NFSU2. It has been since 2003 since we last saw the Underground series. Sure, there have been some good NFS games like Undercover and Shift 1 & 2, but we've had ones that have sucked like Hot Pursuit and The Run (and most recently, Most Wanted). The new Need for Speed game, "Need for Speed Rivals", will probably suck, too. What the fuck is this bullshit? For God's sake, either release Underground 3, let the series die, or rename it Burnout.

I'm not the only person with these complaints. It's a fan favourite on all the gaming forums I go on, with everyone else screaming for Underground 3 as well. EA...we're begging you...please develop this game. I refuse to buy any more Need for Speed games until you do.

Need for Speed Undercover logo

If you agree with me or if you want to defend these shitty games in this franchise, please do in the comments below or start your engines and race over to twitter @shaughnessy2k37 where you can race to the finish line and leave me a tweet.

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