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Doctor Strange: Sorcerer C-preme?

Posted by Unknown Friday, August 23, 2013
Admittedly, Doctor Strange has not been one of Marvel's most well-known characters, but the Master of the Mystic Arts does (or used to) boast a broad range of powers and feats that put even the greatest A-list heroes to shame. Classic Strange has trumped Galactus, gone toe-to-toe with the Beyonder, outsmarted the Living Tribunal, and even overcame Death herself. Despite this, the contemporary writers of Marvel have almost made it their personal mission to relegate Stephen Strange to the rank of a C-list hero.

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Part of the problem stems from the fact that Strange has always been more or less a deus ex machina sort of character. In his struggles with cosmic entities, demon sorcerers, and whatever else Stan Lee and Steve Ditko decided to throw at him, Doctor Strange would always find a way to come out on top. By the end of the 70s and 80s, the Sorcerer Supreme had racked up an incredible repertoire of feats. This left more modern writers with the issue of dealing with such an overpowered hero, which ultimately led to Strange's fall from Sorcerer Supremacy and subsequent power neutering. 

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In much more recent events, Strange regained the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme and is now part of the reunited Illuminati in the third volume of New Avengers. While it has not been explicitly stated, it is assumed that Doctor Strange has been returned to some semblance of his former power level. Despite that, however, Strange continues to be merely a background character in the series. Heck, he has even less speaking lines than Blackbolt! You'd think that the Sorcerer Supreme, a sworn protector of the entire Earth-616 plane of reality, would play a bigger part in saving the multiverse than wiping Captain America's mind and dining with Doctor Doom.

By the Vishanti, Marvel, what gives? 

The solution I propose: give Doctor Strange his own solo series. When relegated to being a member of a team, Doctor Strange rarely gets a chance to shine and show off the full extent of his powers. In reality, Strange could probably deal with most of these "team struggles" by himself. In his own series, Strange would be able to take on the likes of Dormammu and other powerful entities at his leisure. Writers wouldn't need to figure out how to make him weaker and more compatible in a team setting. The fact of the matter is that Doctor Strange was and has always been a solo character. Teams are not his forte. 

How do you feel about Doctor Strange and his current role in the New Avengers series? Do you think Strange will have an important role in the upcoming Infinity books? Should Strange get his own series?

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