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Arrow Season 2: Jean Loring and Metamorpho Will Appear

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, August 12, 2013
News for Arrow's season 2 just keeps rolling along and two of the new characters that have been announced are Jean Loring and Metamorpho (to an extent).

This concept art of a Metamorpho Chemical van obviously points to the likely inclusion of Rex Mason—the man who will eventually become Metamorpho.

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While the TV series has operated under a rule of "no super powers" so far, they have already announced that Barry Allen will be on this season as well and have hinted that he will become the Flash. This obviously means super powers WILL be included if they go that route, so I wouldn't be too surprised if Rex Mason flat out does become Metamorpho through some sort of accident. However, that's not set in stone, and they could just as easily make this a simple story of a chemical company's embezzlement and such where Rex Mason is somehow involved.

Jean Loring (to be played by Teryl Rothery) is a more grounded example of an inclusion to the cast. She is an attorney who will undoubtedly be working in some capacity with Laurel Lance, but has also been described as the legal counsel to Moira Queen (which makes sense considering her predicament she was left off in). I never caught it at the time, but apparently there was a reference to "Ray and Jean" last season. For those who don't know, Jean Loring in the comics has a relationship with Dr. Ray Palmer, aka The Atom.

Once again, this does not mean that The Atom will be in the show with his shrinking powers, nor that Ray Palmer will even make an appearance at all, but it does lead to some substantial possibilities. Considering Jean Loring's history in the comics of having a mental breakdown, murdering Sue Dibny (Elongated Man's wife) and kidnapping herself in an attempt to make Ray come to her aid, it seems pretty plausible in this type of a show that she could end up doing something villainous like this as well.

If that's the case and Ray Palmer does show up, might he be the rumored love interest for Felicity Smoak? Or will that be Barry Allen himself? Or perhaps that's going to be Ed Rockwell (Ed Raymond, father of one-half of Firestorm)?

What do you think of these new additions to the cast? What characters would you like to see be included into the show? Personally, I'd love to see Mr. Terrific, maybe Lady Shiva, Electrocutioner, Arrowette, Cheshire, etc.

UPDATE: Bex Taylor-Klaus will play the character of Sin from the comics as well. They're really adding a ton of characters, which is awesome!


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