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X-Force Movie in the Works at Fox?

Posted by Anthony Mango Friday, July 12, 2013
It appears as though we may be seeing an X-Force film in the future coming from 20th Century Fox's division responsible for the X-Men film franchise.

Rumors have circulated for quite some time now that Fox is looking to expand their film franchises into a much bigger and cohesive universe, similar to what Disney has with the Avengers series. This would include not only the X-Men films but also Fantastic 4 (and who knows, maybe they'll shack up with Sony and throw Spider-Man in there).

When it comes to X-Men: Days of Future Past, many are looking out for signs that this film's use of time travel will in fact retcon many of the previous films that came before it, paving the way for new takes on previously used characters and so forth.

With all this combined with the news that Fox has registered the domain name "x-forcemovie.com", it's not hard to imagine that we'll be seeing an X-Force related spinoff or that this could possibly be the name of the sequel to Days of Future Past.

If indeed this ends up being a movie as opposed to some random safety-net purchase, what would you like to see come out of it? Are there any particular X-Men characters that you'd like for them to throw into the film, such as Cable, Cannonball, Boom Boom, Forge, Psylocke, Wolfsbane, Shatterstar? Who do you think could be the villain of such a movie (maybe Mr. Sinister)?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: X-MenFilms.com

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