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What Justifies Purchasing a Ticket to Concert?

Posted by The Dace Man Wednesday, July 10, 2013
Lots of Naked Lesbians

It's Dace's World, Dace's World, party time, excellent! Now that I have begun the ultimate rip off of Wayne's World catch phrases, it's time to continue the debate first heard on The Dace Man Show that I have been having in my mind for decades and recently used to justify a purchase of concert tickets.

I am a firm believer that when listening to music, if you know five or six songs for an artist, you should in theory enjoy the concert. This particular concert in question for me is the ICONIC...yes I used the word iconic...

The Back Street Boys.
Backstreet Boys Naked
Larger Than Life
Quit Playing Games
As Long as You Love Me
Show me the Meaning
I Want It That Way

Knowing those six songs justifies the twenty-seven dollars I spent on the ticket. To enjoy a childhood memory on a lawn with beer on a Friday night in August is an ideal situation. Plus, all the girls that used to listen to these guys can now enjoy beer with me as well sooooooo win/win, right?

But to me the debate rages on. I attended a concert earlier this year that had a total of six bands and I collectively knew seven songs from them and the ticket panned out to be about fifty five bucks for a 2-to-midnight concert.

To me, this was justifiable as well, until the rain rolled in and we left prior to the two headliners (of which the majority of the songs I knew belonged to). Paying hundreds of dollars for a concert is a ridiculous price to pay. You better know and enjoy every single song by that artist and they better get you Started Up....see what I did there?

Basically, I'm saying screw you Rolling Stones for your 10th retirement tour....bitches.

So I turn it over to you, the audience of Fanboys Anonymous Nation....or the FBAN if you will...I'm coining that phrase here you heard it folks. How many songs would justify a ticket purchase in your eyes?

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