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The Dace Man Show Ep 6 - Take It Out Back and Shoot It

Posted by The Dace Man Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Check out episode 5 of The Dace Man Show with special guests Michael Burhan, Mike Paden, Dan Raup and Brian Gibson!

sydney leathers nude

Join The Dace Man this week as he tackles:

Weird World News
  • Detroit Bankrupt…approves renovations for the Red Wings Arena
  • Pakistani Game Show offers babies to Europeans as Prize
  • Disabled Man claims Delta Airlines forced him to crawl onto a plain.
  • Vacationing American in Greece kills and cooks a rare sea creature.
Sports News
  • During a Seattle Mariners v Minnesota Twins game a fan made it rain $6000 in 1s all for a promotion of a 5k run during the 7th Inning
  • David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox goes nuts in the dugout after an Umpire Call. Next day goes 4 for 4 and mocks beating up a phone.
  • Jonathan Papelbon bad mouths Phils Organization
  • Tim Hudson from The Atlanta Braves is out with a broken foot.

Tim Hudson Injury

Celeb News This Week:

  • Zimmerman makes news again pulled over for speeding and packing heat….
  • A top contender on "Master Chef" had a bizarre, violent encounter with cops in Chicago, telling them Gordon Ramsay is an "asshole" who possessed his body and then transformed him into God
  • Randy Travis is out of the hospital today.
  • Carlton Banks is back on TV with a spelling bee game show thing
  • Confirmed : a new Rocky movie spinoff called Creed

The Off the Wall topic of the week:When should a movie franchise be laid to rest?

Also the fan favorites of the High Five Movie Franchises and the Douchebag of the Week

Step into the Crazy Train with Chris "The Dace Man" Dace this week on The Dace Man show....queue the Final Countdown!!!

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