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Is Falling Skies Season 3 Living up to Expectations?

Posted by Unknown Saturday, July 6, 2013

In my opinion, Falling Skies has dropped the ball. While I have only watched the first three episodes, my opinion could change, and I will try to give a more in-depth review once the series has finished. Until then, I can't make heads or tails of the plot.

So we finished off season two where Tom and company are all standing outside Charleston with alien pods dropping from the sky.  Is this new breed of aliens friendly or are they more foes? What happened to Hal?

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I couldn't wait to watch season three and find out the answers to these questions. When I tuned in, I expected it to carry on from where we left off. Instead, I was disappointed as they skipped 9 months into the future with new characters that haven't been established.

When I was watching the first episode, it felt like I had missed an entire season. Why the hell is Hal in a wheelchair? What the hell is going on?

As the episode progressed, I still couldn't wrap my head around it, mainly because of all the new characters and the new situations (such as Dr. Glass having a massive baby bump and eventually giving birth to an odd, highly intelligent child). Later on, we discover that Hal is in the wheelchair from a bug implanted in his eye by Karen during their kiss, which blocks his ability to walk  (which is all psychological cause we see Hal sleepwalking). And another did Tom become the president of Charleston?

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There's a mole in the camp and its way to obvious to be Hal, so I think it's Tom's advisor. Dr. Glass is paranoid about her new baby and the new breed of aliens are supposedly building a defense weapon against the overlords, but not much has been said about the skitters and their rebellion.

With everything new going on, it feels like there was a gap between seasons 2 and 3. I understand why they have done this, since the kid actors are rapidly aging, but I still don't like it.

I'll continue watching with episode 4, hoping that the season gets better throughout. I stopped watching The Walking Dead halfway through season 3 of that show because I felt like that went bad, so I hope this show doesn't go the same way.
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