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Arrow's Diggle in the Comics, Season 2 Comic-Con Reveals

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, July 22, 2013
Comic-Con 2013 has given us some more information on season 2 of the CW television series Arrow.

  • The Black Canary story will start to be told, but it may not necessarily start with Laurel Lance. I still think they should have named her Dinah, know...her character should be?
  • Roy Harper will be put through his own trials and tests to becoming Red Arrow (or Arsenal...they haven't really said)
  • We'll start to see a transition from "The Hood" to "The Arrow" and then "Green Arrow"
  • Brother Blood will be on this season, played by Kevin Alejandro
  • Not only will Bronze Tiger be on this show (played by Michael Jai White) but he'll also be part of the Suicide Squad. One would assume that Deadshot will be on this team as well.
  • Felicity will start to make the Arrow Cave a bit more decked out
In other news, the character of Diggle has become popular enough that they've decided to toss him into the comics and make him an official member of the Green Arrow mythos. Although I would have rather had him die in season 1 than Tommy (who was in my opinion, EASILY the best part of this show, far above and beyond anything else), I can see why they're going to include him. The question is, how? Will he be the actual character in the show or will they mess around with it like Chloe Sullivan's introduction into the comics?

What are your thoughts on these reveals for season 2? Are you excited about the new season?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

For now, check out this sneak peak at season 2:

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