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Why I Missed Android and Why I Went Back

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, July 16, 2013
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In May, I had to replace my Xperia Play and I thought to myself "well, I've all ready had 3 different Android devices, so let's switch it up and go to Windows 8 for a different look". I got myself a mid-range Nokia and at first glance, I really liked the look and feel of the operating system.

Then, in June, reality kicked in. I was so fed up with the lackluster apps that were available.

The Microsoft YouTube app was good, since there were no advertisements on videos (which I loved), but then that had to be taken down because Microsoft didn't ask Google permission to make the app. So what does Microsoft do? They replace it with a bookmark to the YouTube mobile homepage. As a big YouTube user, this was unacceptable to me.

The BBC iPlayer app keeps crashing. When you click to skip a song on the music player, it takes about six presses on the button to actually do it. The God awful Facebook app was unusable after the recept update, but I understand why they did that since beforehand, when you would write a comment on your friend's post, it would always double it up.

The only app that I think was better on Windows 8 was Twitter, which looked and felt more professional in comparison to Android...but then again, there were certain things missing from the Twitter app on Windows 8, such as the ability to save pictures for future use.

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So the reason I went back to the beloved Android OS is quite simply due to the apps, as they're far greater than those on Windows 8. As much as I like the look of Window 8's OS and its simplicity to use, I'll be sticking with Android until Windows sorts out their apps.

To all the Windows 8 users out there, let me know in the comments what you think and if you want to send me death threats, tweet @shaunghnessy2k37

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