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World's Creepiest Google Street View Capture

Posted by Mike Paden Friday, June 21, 2013
When Google Street View began beta about 6 years ago it was one of those "the future is now" type programs. The ability to virtually walk a road with 360° of view was something I could easily use to pass massive amounts of time. And surely, I wasn't alone. And as such, it wasn't long that internet loafers began to notice that the virtual photographing of the world we live in provides documented proof of what we already knew about the real world: odd things happen anywhere and anytime.

Some notable things picked up by Street View cameras before have been folks walking around with blow-up dolls, TP'd homes, street lugers on busy roads, and people making whoopee in just about every location.

The Tamagawa Josui in Musashino, Japan was an Edo era water-supply system, some of which still remains so to this day. However, majority of it has been turned into a scenic trail for citizens to enjoy what both the city and nature has to offer.

However, if you find yourself virtually moseying down it, you may end up with nightmares. Most of the time, you'll see nothing to be alarmed about. Just people, trees, cars, and lots of pavement sidewalk. Then you come across this...

Scary Bird People Shadows Google Street View

A grouping of people... innocent enough. But wait... those shadows...

Creepy People in Bird Masks Shit your pants

bird people stealing children and eating them

Japan odd people creepy scary wtf birds

Oh dear god...

Source: Reddit User bawsinmymouth

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