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System Updates Killed My Wii U RIP (Update: Fixed)

Posted by Unknown Sunday, June 30, 2013
Broken Wii U
The date was 03/28/2013. I was on a site known as ShopTo and I saw a half-price 8GB Wii U.

As I'm a Nintendo fan, I had to have it.

Along with this, I purchased Zombi U, Assassin's Creed 3 and NSMBU.

Everyday, I waited and waited for it to arrive. When it did a week later, it felt like Christmas in 1997 when I received my N64.

When I opened it up, I stared at it in awe. This was the Nintendo console I had been waiting for. The first update seemed to take a lifetime, but soon enough, I was on my way.

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Tragedy struck three months later as today, I woke up intending to play Assassin's Creed only to find the screen frozen on the Wii U logo. Although this had become a regular thing since update number three, today was different it just would not get past the start logo.

I was devastated. Even though I kept trying to make it work, it was a no-go. When I contacted Nintendo, they suggested that I send it to them for repairs, which would be free if I still had the proof of purchase (but sadly, I had lost my receipt). I'm still waiting on a response from the website I bought it from, as I contacted them to see if I could avoid spending a fortune on the repairs somehow.

So goodbye for now, Nintendo Wii U. You were in my top 5 favourite Nintendo Entertainment systems (NES, N64, SNES, Wii U and lastly the Gamecube).

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UPDATE 7/11/2013: After emailing ShopTo, I received a response telling me to give them my order number and the receipt/payment/shipping emails as a proof of purchase. Once I did that, I was able to send it back to EITHER company. Before I had a chance to send it, though, I turned my console on and saw that I had a new update which actually did the trick. Since then, it not only boots up faster without crashing, but it goes back to the home screen quicker as well. I'm hoping it stays this way for good.

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