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Is Tekken X Street Fighter Dead?

Posted by Chris Locs Sunday, June 23, 2013
2013's E3 is now officially in the books. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and the world's major third party developers have showcased their upcoming software titles and successfully stirred up the hype. Lots of great games are that are either right around the corner or still heavy into development were on display, but one title that gamers were promised years before was absent from the show as well as the internet for the past year. Namco-Bandai's Tekken X Street Fighter, which was first announced alongside Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken in 2010 has yet to be revealed to the masses despite the latter title being released last spring. Fighting fans may fear that this game may not ever see the light of day, as Namco has been hard at work developing the newest Super Smash Brothers entry for Nintendo's Wii U.

The last we heard from Namco's esteemed Tekken franchise was Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which was released last winter and received extremely well on all platforms. Mum has been the word on their crossover with Capcom, and it seems like the game is destined to reside in development hell for the rest of eternity. Unfortunately for fans of both franchises, most signs point to the fact that we will never see another pairing of the two behemoths of the fighting game genre.

The last update we received on the title game this past March, when producer Katsuhiro Harada stated that they were considering "platform strategy", leading most gamers to believe that the title was heading to next-gen systems, which was most likely due to the announcement of the PlayStation 4 and the then impending reveal of the Xbox One. Those following the development of the title may have thought that something might be shown off at this year's E3, however that dream has been crushed. The team behind the game has said absolutely nothing since and there was no presence of anything relating to it at E3. To be completely honest, this writer is confident that most gamers (even the passionate fighting fans) have all but forgotten that the game ever existed, especially due to the fact that Capcom's iteration didn't sell nearly as well as hoped, nor did it gain sufficient steam in the fighting game community.

While the future seems grim for Tekken X Street Fighter, there may still be a small sliver of hope left. Any fan of the Super Smash Brothers franchise and avid gamer has hopefully been following the development and teasers for the newest incarnation of the notorious Nintendo all-star fighting tournament series. Namco-Bandai has been attached to the next-gen Smash Brothers title since the game was originally announced, with the companies Yoshido Higuchi directing the project. Many of Namco-Bandai's top developers are masterminding the development of the game, and they have given old-school video game fans a little bit of a treat with the newest guest character to be added to the roster in Capcom's own blue bomber, Mega Man. Could this little easter egg be some sort of hint that Namco-Bandai still has Tekken X Street Fighter in mind?

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What do you fighting fans think? Will Tekken X Street Fighter ever see the light of day?

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