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Uncanny Avengers (2013) #8 Review

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, May 8, 2013
The Uncanny Avengers series started out as a novel idea that has since blossomed into a story that is much bigger than itself. Bringing back the classic villain Kang the Conqueror, we are inevitably thrust into a tale of time travel that transcends the basic laws of time and space that we are so used to. As such, the last couple issues of the series have been somewhat confusing, jumping from past to present to future a little bit too many times for comfort. Well, it looks like Uncanny Avengers #8 is starting to tie the knots together in the story, and we can finally see the big picture that is being ever-so-delicately painted.

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Perhaps one of the most polarizing points of the Uncanny Avengers series has been Rick Remender's decision to adopt a third-person omniscient narrative that interjects every so often. The majority of reviews and comments that I have read are very much against this style of story-telling. As a fan of the classic comics of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, however, I find the style profoundly nostalgic and effective. My point, in my opinion, is proven in this issue as it has been proven in previous issues. The narrative helps to keep the story moving at a nice pace and to fill in any ambiguity that might come about from having such a complex story.

Daniel Acuna's artwork is hit or miss in this issue (mostly hit). Thor, in particular, has very poor facial definition and kind of looks like he's recovering from plastic surgery. Other panels, however, are beautifully done, with nice detail and clean penciling. 

In terms of actual plot development, like I mentioned in the beginning, things are starting to come together and make a bit more sense. There's an interesting idea that is toyed around with in this issue, and it's that mutants and humans working together is doomed from the start and bound to fail. Is what the future holds inevitable? Well, if we know anything about the Marvel Universe, we know that the answer is no. Still, the foundation for major conflict within this new Avengers unit is certainly there and is set to blow up big sooner or later. 

Score: 9/10

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