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Four New 6th Generation Pokemon Revealed!

Posted by Unknown Saturday, May 11, 2013
The first details of the new CoroCoro magazine came out today and revealed four new Pokemon! This article is going to cover those new Pokemon. Their confirmed types, and names in Japanese. As well as images of the new Pokemon. I hope you enjoy!

Confirmed Evolutions for 6th Generation Starters
The Panda at the top is a Fighting type named Yancham. He is the naughty Pokemon. He is 0.6 meters tall and weighs 8 kg. It has a new move called Parting Remark which lowers the opponents stats and causes the user to switch out. This could be useful for gym battles if you had multiple Pokemon with Parting Remark you could swap between Pokemon lowering the leader's best Pokemon's stats while spreading out the damage over multiple Pokemon. Once the defending Pokemon is in a weakened state. You then bring in a Pokemon to finish it off. I can't see it seeing much use in competitive play though because Pokemon switch out so often. Maybe in double battles if it affected both the defending Pokemon.

The Bird on the left is a Normal/Flying Robin Pokemon named Yayakoma. He is 0.3 meters tall and weighs 1.7 kg. It announces itself with a beautiful voice. It can also learn the move Flame Charge. This seems wierd maybe it will evolve into a Fire/Flying type at some point. This is more than likely the Pidgey of past games.

The Lizard on the bottom is a Normal/Electric type named Elikiteru. He is 0.5 meters tall and weighs 6 kg. It has a new move called Parabola Charge which heals the user while damaging opponents. We haven't seen the stats on this thing yet but if it evolves into a Pokemon with some bulk this could be very useful. Poisoning the defending Pokemon then switching out into this guy and spamming Parabola Charge would be a good way to take down foes. It all depends on the damage output of the move and how much it heals, how bulky is Elikiteru and his potential evolutions.

Finally on the right is the Goat Pokemon GoGoat. Literally pronounced GoGohto and is the Riding Pokemon. It is a Grass Type stands 1.7 meters tall and weighs 91 kg. You can actually ride this Pokemon in the games! Which is really cool. It learns the move horn leech.

That's all the information we have at the moment but there should be a boatload of more information coming out in the coming weeks regarding X and Y. The Summer is here and CoroCoro is gonna be revealing all sorts of new stuff. I'll be here to cover it when they do. So keep on checking that stuff out. If you wanna know when I'm working on a new article or anything you can also follow me on twitter @thatjesterkid. Thanks for reading!

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