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A Game That Needs To Stop Making Sequels: Call Of Duty

Posted by Unknown Friday, May 31, 2013
Hey Fanboys I am back after taking a while off due to a broken laptop and some other crap in the process. Anyways lets not talk bout me as I want to talk about my frustrations with the Call of Duty series. The title of this article may be a little bit misleading as I don't necessary think they need to quit making them, I just want them to quit making a new one every single year. As you read on I will voice my reasons behind my opinion and talk a bit more about arguably the most popular video game series of the 21st century.

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Ok lets begin this with a history lesson on CoD.Call of Duty so far has taken place in 4 different time periods, WW2, Cold War era, Modern era, and a futuristic 2020 era. The first 3 took place in the World War 2 era and then with the 4th CoD it went into modern timed with Modern Warfare. CoD 4 is where I believe CoD became the most popular game in the world. It featured a solid online experience and had one of the best campaigns in the series. It jumped back to WW2 for the 5th installment and that game began the best game mode in the whole series.... NAZI ZOMBIES! CoD 6 went back to Modern Times, Black Ops takes place in the Cold War, Modern Warfare 3 came after that, Black Ops 2 followed and went to the future, and now we will be getting 10th installment into the series entitled Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

Now lets begin the hating. First off most people play Call of Duty for the multiplayer experience and that's where most of my issues just happen to be at. My first complaint is going to be about the stupid killstreaks. this doesn't apply for CoD 4, WaW, MW2, and Black Ops and mainly applies towards Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2., To simply put it, there are TOO MANY KILLSTREAKS. To make matters worse in those two games, getting a high killstreak was relatively easy to do. The kids in about any video game are annoying, but for some reason they are the worse in any Call of Duty. I can only hear some kid say "I had sex with your mom" a certain amount of times before I tell myself to never have kids. I consider myself a very competitive gamer as I play on Gamebattles with some friends and we were ranked in the top 10 on MW3 before I started hating it and sold it a few weeks later. So when I hear anyone say anything about me, you can bet I will go out of my way to go try hard and kill the kid in the game. The games online never change. The graphics never improve too much, the guns are recycled a lot, the game modes are virtually the same except for getting rid of a few and replacing with some that suck, and the maps are just getting worse with each game. There are too many attachments now and there is too much to customize. I couldn't care less about the camo on my gun and the face paint that my guy has on. To me where CoD got it wrong was with the customization. To me it is about the action and on the field. Seriously just give me a gun and some perks and I will go onto the field and do good. Now the campaigns are not much to talk about. They tend to be relatively short and are not impactful at all to the point that you want more. That is my only complaint I have about the campaign to be honest with you.

The reason why I am not in love with the series as much I use to be is because it doesn't change much from game to game. I honestly believe that's because of the fact that they release a new game ever year. It gets stale and repetitive, and if series shows no signs of progression then there is no need for me to care for it anymore. I know someone could try to make that case for the Mario series as a whole, but at least they branched off into many other genres of games like with the Mario Kart series and the Super Smash Bros. series. That's part of the reason why Mario was able to stay as a household name in the gaming industries for now four decades now, and I doubt that is going to change anytime soon as Nintendo has been very successful at advertising Mario to new gamers a.k.a. the kids. Do I expect Call of Duty to get that same success that Mario has had? No. There will be a time where the series loses its steam, most likely to a new FPS game that becomes more successful. Unfortunately I don't see that happening for at least another five or so years so I guess I will just have to put up with the CoD craze for the next few years.

Let me go ahead and say that I am a fan of the CoD series despite what I have said above. I am just tired of a new one coming out each year. I wish they would release one every two years,  but it is all about the money to these companies so I don't blame them for trying to cash in on this series. So be looking for my next post sometime soon, and I will end this with a meme.

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