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X-Men Legacy (2013) #8 Review

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, March 27, 2013
After last week's rather disappointing issue of X-Men Legacy, I was left feeling a little betrayed by the previously great writing of Simon Spurrier. What seemed like a randomly placed tangent-of-a-story line developed the plot very little and was admittedly a little weird. The romance between Blindfold and Legion certainly has potential, though, and it is something that is thankfully executed a little more gracefully in X-Men Legacy #8.

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This issue and the last have in common the fact that David is still "taking it slow" and helping out in little ways here and there. After discovering a new mutant on an "astral date" with Blindfold, he unfolds a plan to use the new mutant's powers to elect the first mutant president of the United States. This is certainly an intriguing proposition, and it is an angle that I think gets lost in all the good versus evil that goes on in the Marvel universe. Having a mutant president would certainly bring amount change, but, at the same time, there are moral issues that David encounters, as well. As you might expect, he abandons his plan and does the "right thing" in the end. While this portion of the book certainly did not have a huge impact overall, the moral lesson and character development was endearing and admittedly made me smile at the end.

The other component of this book deals with a bit of plot movement, as we begin pulling the curtain away from the unknown personality that has recently been lurking in David's mind. Is it Charles Xavier? We still don't really know for sure, and the lovely ambiguity of the writing and Tan Eng Huat's artwork allows for the brilliant depiction of this mystery.

X-Men Legacy seems to have slowed down considerably as of late, and, as evidenced from the last issue, it can get a bit tedious. This issue, however, is an exemplar for how taking it slow can really allow for some very subtle and delicate story lines that actually allow for some very deep characterization. David Haller makes for a nice foil to the X-Men, giving a new perspective on the mutant cause and how change can happen.

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Score: 8.5/10

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