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Witch Doctor Mal Practice (2013) #5 Review

Posted by Unknown Saturday, March 30, 2013
It's that time again, folks! The doctor is in! Having provided a fantastic four issues of Witch Doctor Mal Practice so far, Brandon Seifert and and Lukas Ketner are back for the fifth issue. With a long track record of brilliant writing and poignant art, I dived right in with high hopes for a laugh-out-loud and heart-pounding issue.

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Opening with a very brief recap of events past, Seifert jumps right back into the action, having the doctor face the strigoi infection that's lodged in his lung. After a few risky maneuvers, the beast is slain, and the day is done... or not. There is, of course, the small task of saving Penny and dealing with the one behind all of this in the first place. Eric takes a surprisingly assertive role in this book, building upon his increasing influence so far in the series. After the newly gathered troops begin the assault, more plot movement occurs as we unravel a little of what has been hinted at before. All of it, of course, is laced with witty banter and doses of that lovely dark humor that Seifert has been known for in this series.

Compared to the rest of the series, this was somewhat of a slow-down from the fierce action seen before. One might call it, however, the calm before the storm, because the last issue in the series promises to be filled with magic, blood, guts, and, of course, Penny Dreadful. I can hardly wait.

Score: 8/10

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