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Top 5 Free To Play Games and Apps

Posted by Unknown Saturday, March 16, 2013
Free to play gaming has become common place in this day and age, as gamers start to tighten their wallets developers are looking into more ways to draw players in, free to play has made it so gamers don't have to part with an upfront fee, and thus creates a cheaper alternative for those of us who have no money but still want to enjoy the newest games.

Here's a list of my top 5 free to play games that i can't get enough of:

1. Happy Wars (Xbox Live Arcade)

fanboys anonymous top 5 free to play games happy wars xbox live, microsoft

Happy wars by all means is a free to play that tops them all grabbing elements from most MMORPG's and blends them nicely with cute games such as little big planet the game manages to drive you in and keep you locked in for hours of fun gaming.

The game is set in a kingdom that has been torn apart you play on an opposing team of Warriors, Mage's and Clerics that hunt down the opposition in order to build towers and destroy enemy castles so that you may sit on top as the one ruler of your kingdom.

2. Game Dev Story light (IOS and Android)

fanboys anonymous top 5 free to play games game dev story

Game dev story is takes you behind the scenes of a start up gaming coming, you (the boss) assemble your team in order to produce the years biggest gaming hits, you level up each team mate in order to elevate skills and increase your chances of winning the game of the year award.

Whilst this game is highly addictive and is great on passing the time it lacks in long term playability, in the end once you've secured all licenses and have managed to build your own console there is merely nothing left for you to do.

3. Knights of Pen and paper (IOS and Android)

Knights of Pen and Paper was a sleeper hit I managed to secure on my I phone via app of the day and it has yet to disappoint, the game is a fun duplication of dungeons and dragons having RPG elements and those of ingame as your characters are seated around a table with the games master shouting orders at you, what makes this game so fun is that you can level up your characters and earn money in order to make your team unstoppable.

With all these positives the only negative i see in this game is that its long, it takes time to level up and decide on the right characters and stats to build your team properly in order to truly complete the game I myself am now on 2100 days ingame and don't see an end in sight.

4. Gears of War Judgement Online Multiplayer Beta (Xbox Live)

fanboys anonymous, nerds free to play games guilds of war judgement xbox live

Have no money to buy the actual game?, have an itchy trigger finger?, then why not download the free online multiplayer, the best part is that all XP earned is transferred to Gears of War Judgement once you purchase the full game!. Each player is placed in teams of humans or aliens as you attempt to secure your location or destroy it, the negative to this game is the download time and as with all online multiplayer players are booted without notice which can cause players like myself to turn the damn thing off!.

5. plants vs Zombies (PC. Xbox Live, IOS)

fanboys anonymous top 5 free to play games plants vs zombies

This game is not necessarily free to play on Live and IOS but does hold free to play status on flash hence the reason it's being listed.

For those who love tower defense games then you'll love plants vs Zombies.

You place Plants in the direction of Zombies trying to stop the hordes from making it to your location, its a fun game but get tiresome in the end, thus the ranking at number 5.

Do you agree or disagree with my rankings?

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