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Uncanny Avengers #4 Review

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, February 27, 2013
In the last issue of Uncanny Avengers, I found myself emotionally drained after finishing the book. Using a very distinct prose in narrating his story, Rick Remender tells a chilling tale of pure hate and blood lust. Combined with the stunning artwork, I found myself enthralled in a story that parallels the beginning of atrocities that happened in the real world not so long ago.

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The horror continues in Uncanny Avengers #4, using that same detached narrative style that really drives home the gravity of the situation. The writing flows nicely, showing characters like Captain America, whom has always been a beacon of truth, struggling to fight the control of the Red Skull. Perhaps the most powerful part of this book is when the mind control of Red Skull finally wears off, and people, super and non-super alike, realized what they have done. An equally powerful scene is during the aftermath, when Thor shows Wolverine a newspaper with the headline, "Xavier Gone, Dream Still Alive - Mutants and Humans Work Together: Stop Red Skull from Murder Spree."

Equal commendation should go to the artwork in this issue. Characters and scenes are powerful, expressive, and evoke a certain emotion that I think readers will find satisfying. Special shout-outs go to the panels showing Havok and Scarlet Witch getting busy with their powers. There's just something quite satisfying about seeing a couple of mutants let 'er rip.

All in all, I think there may well be two kinds of opinions when it comes to this issue and this series. Some readers, like myself, will absolutely love the narrative style. It's a throwback to what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby started with way back when. I have enjoyed and still enjoy those old-school comics and have come to greatly appreciation that particular type of story-telling. On the other hand, some more "modern" readers may find fault in the narration style. The only real advice I can offer is to take a step back and use your imagination for once. You're missing out on a great adventure otherwise.

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Score: 10/10

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