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New Avengers #3 Review

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, February 6, 2013
My, my Jonathan Hickman, what a story you are telling. Last week, New Avengers did nothing but please. With an engaging story and a haunting air about the book, this Marvel NOW series is perhaps the strongest among the throng of nascent series.

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New Avengers #3 does not disappoint. The same tension present in the first two issues continues to be woven into the fabric of this story, as the characters that have gathered contemplate issues regarding character, morality, and, of course, the end of the world. This issues starts off with a powerful “passing of the torch” moment as Charles Xavier bestows upon Hank McCoy the secrets of the Mind Gem. As you might expect, Beast is Charles Xavier’s replacement in this gathering of the Iluminati, and, while reluctant at first, he fits in perfectly with the group.

Conflict of morals is a key focus in the New Avengers series, and the characters constantly are at odds with each other, debating that fine line between philosophy and practicality. The strife is especially apparent through Captain America, whom has always been a beacon of pure justice and morality. He feels uncomfortable (as he should) in this group, but he holds his ground, refusing to let imminent destruction cloud his moral compass. The dialogues and exchanges between the characters are spot on. Hickman truly has a way with words and drama.

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Tragic, tense, and dark, New Avengers #3 joins the ranks of its predecessors as another gem (pun intended) in the Marvel NOW hall of fame.

Score: 9.5/10

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