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Deadpool Corps Review

Posted by The Dace Man Monday, February 4, 2013
Hello my Dacetacular Fanboy Nation. It is I, Chris "The Dace Man" Dace returning to you with some more comic reviews. Yes it's been a while but Ive been a busy man but not to busy to read comics. I'm coming to you today with the Deadpool Corps collection, including Prelude to Deadpool Corps #1-5 and and Deadpool Corps #1-12. The series was written by Victor Gischler of x-men fame and Comic book industry legend Rob Leifeld. So immediate thought...Deadpool it's gotta be great right? Well multiply that by five and you have gold my friends. The original Deadpool is sent on a mission by The Contemplater to save the multi-verse from the awareness. The only way to fight organized conformity is obviously mass chaos...enter Deadpool.

Deadpool recruits the hot female version of himself from a parallel universe and helps her in a conflict with General America, Captain America's parallel self. After picking up the smoking hot Lady Deadpool, Deadpool stops by and picks up Kid Deadpool. I personally enjoyed the Kid Deadpool universe and wish they would do more of this, Quesada you need to get on this with a Kidpool Spin off....ay yo Tito!! He then picks up Dogpool and the surprisingly rational Headpool...go figure Wade without a body has a bigger brain!

Once the team is together they use their unorthodox ways to piss off multiple immortals, save the multiverse and manage to start a revolution on a foreign planet. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the ride across 17 issues of pure entertainment. I'd spoil it for you but I'm a firm believer of go get the comic yourself and enjoy it. Don't let me read it to you word for word. Like I said earlier it's typical Deadpool but multiplied by five. The only negative thing against the series is it's only 17 issues and ended so abruptly it left me wanting more. The "Well you did this so that's enough of this collaboration." was disappointing to me...I was hoping I'd have to go get more... but nevertheless still a good read. 
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