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New Avengers #2 Review

Posted by Unknown Thursday, January 17, 2013
Perhaps one of the darkest new series to come from the Marvel NOW movement is the New Avengers series which debuted a couple of weeks ago. Having witnessed the horrific destruction of another Earth, T’Challa, the Black Panther, sends out a cry to assemble the notorious Illuminati (minus the now deceased Professor Charles Xavier). The series promises to be a tense and harrowing experience for not only the heroes involved but also for readers.

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Jonathan Hickman’s writing in this second installment is fantastic, keeping the same dark and dramatic tone that was present in the pilot issue. “Save me from what we are about to do.” It is a powerful statement that impresses on the reader the magnitude of the events that are about to occur.

Every character, from the reluctant Black Panther, to the genius Mr. Fantastic, to the headstrong Namor, to the cool and calculated Doctor Strange is written perfectly. There are seven very distinct personalities in this gathering of heroes, and Hickman amazingly brings them together and creates the sort of tension and conflict that one would expect from the meeting of such strong personalities. A shining example of this meticulously weaved plot is a disagreement between Namor and Black Bolt, resulting in an ever so small utterance from the King of the Inhumans himself, which leads to a miniature earthquake that symbolically cracks the stone table they are sitting at.

Fine details like this are drawn throughout the book and give even more life to the vivid writing. The use of lighting and shadows is especially apparent, contributing to the overall feel of the series. Much credit should be given to the art team that worked on this issue. It is a pleasure to look at and truly sets a haunting tone.

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Something bad is about to happen. Something unforgivable is about to happen. Not only does it excite me, but it also sends chills down my spines. Because if these heroes can’t find a solution to the problem at hand, “… then we teach ourselves to do the unthinkable… We have to learn how to destroy a world.”

Score: 9.5/10

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