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Uncanny X-Force Volume 1: The Apocalypse Solution Review

Posted by The Dace Man Sunday, November 4, 2012
Hey there Fanboys. Yours truly back with a Sunday edition since I have an extra hour. Today we're gonna jump into Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force. Penciled by Jerome Opena and Leonardo Manco (Wolverine:Road to Hell) this collection covers Uncanny X-Force issues 1-4 and Wolverine: Road to Hell. Personally this is one of my favorite teams in the Marvel Universe, including my man Deadpool, Fantomex, Wolverine, Archangel and the beautiful Psylocke. So what's the one thing the X-men can't do that the X-Force can do...kill. So when an issue like Apocalypse returning as a child,Wolverine knows what must be done. As if Wolverine already didn't have enough going on in his life, he forms this secret team to handle the issues the PR Friendly X-Men cannot. Luckily for us true-believers we get a very interesting read from the formation of this team.

We kick off our fun filled read with the formation of the group in Wolverine: Road to hell. The gang is recruited by Warren Worthington a.k.a Archangel and explain the issue with En Sabah Nur or Apocalypse...if you will. Nothing special except a set up story. We roll right into the action with issue 1 with Deadpool infiltrating Apocalypse's temple to see what is occurring. Also in this issue we see the relationship between Psylocke and Warren. The issue ends with the gang responding to Deadpool's findings and we are ready for some action and retrieval of Deadpool! Wooo!!!!!

Issue 2 starts off with some flashbacks and some brain washing for the young En Sabah Nur. The gang realizes they have pursue Apocalypse and his horsemen....TO THE MOON!!! Once the X-Force arrives at the moon and prepare for landing they are greeted by War and the rest of the four horsemen ending Issue 2 with a huge battle scene that kicks some ass. and launches us right into Issue 3. This issue explains how the Horsemen of Apocalypse were chosen  this time around. Deapool rescues Warren and War decides to take Psyloche with him. Fantomex makes the save for Wolverine and charges into Apocalypses base. and we wind down this issue with a scene of Psylocke walking down a corridor. The last issue sees the gang heading for Apocalypse to do what must be done, but since Apocalypse is currently a child not yet corrupted as the old Apocalypse was. Can the team do what must be done or will they wuss out at the last minute? I don't want to spoil this for you but trust me this read is worth it!

So that concludes the first Volume of Uncanny X-Force. Take my advise if you're looking for a ream like comic this is it. Plus it has my favorite character Deadpool not to mention every ones favorite Wolverine. As always check back regularly to see what  Chris "The Dace Man" Dace is looking at, and no not just porn, as well as all other bloggers here at Fanboys Anonymous. So for The Few, The Proud, and of course The Dacetacular, grab a beer, or in this case a rocket to the moon, and check out what's going on here in the Dace-Sphere. See ya next time.

Uncanny X-Force Naked Psyloche

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