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The Final Movie Review

Posted by Unknown Friday, November 2, 2012
When I saw this movie on Netflix whilst browsing for a new title to watch, I expected it to be shite. The description made it sound like shite. Luckily, I'm not afraid to give a movie a chance, shite or not. And actually, I'm really glad I gave this movie a shot.

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With all of the hype in the media these days about bullying and anti-bullying, it makes sense to make a movie about the consequences that come with being bullied.

If you tease, torture, and beat up on a dog or any type of animal, that animal will eventually snap back and give you what you deserve. After all, people are just that; animals. We all have a breaking point. And I'm sure we've all felt the pain of being made fun of, picked on, or bullied. How did it make you feel and how long do you think you could endure the torture until you eventually snapped and sought out revenge?

The movie follows a group of high school kids. Not very popular high school kids, at that. A group of unpopular high school kids who are constantly taking hits from the popular kids at school. The kids devise a plan to exact revenge on their tormentors.

This now brings us to the segment of my review that I have appropriately named. Most people I'm friends with on Facebook think of me as quite the spoiler. So, I will be warning people, like I ALWAYS do. If you don't have to self control to stop reading when I give you a warning, you have no right to complain to me. Now let's move on to...


Like I mentioned before, the unpopular kids devise a plan to exact revenge on their tormentors. The plan consists of inviting all of the cool kids to a Halloween costume party at a house deep in the woods. The unpopular kids blend into the party wearing costumes and masks. No one even notices or suspects anything strange. Just when everyone is having a good time, they spike the punch. Everyone at the party falls fast asleep. Our group of unpopulars then chain everyone at the party together by their hands and feet and then change into their other costumes. Costumes that more accurately portray what being bullied has turned them into on the inside.

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When the drugged teens finally wake up, they are made aware of why they are chained up. They also learn that for what they've done, they must pay. But not with their lives. The bullied teens begin to torture them in different ways. And I'm not going to go into details, but it's all pretty rough.

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This may just be a movie, but it does a good job in showing that people can become hostile if pushed hard enough. The unpopular kids technically aren't the bad guys in this movie. They are portrayed as anti-heroes. You will find yourself sympathizing with their situation and even cheering them on. It may even make you wonder if you would have done the same in their situation. How long would it have taken you to snap?

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