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Ender's Game Book Review

Posted by Unknown Friday, November 9, 2012
In honor of the movie being released in less than a year I will be reviewing the book, Ender's Game.

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Seemingly taking place is a post apocalyptic future Ender Wiggin is a super intelligent child who must save the world.  Planet Earth has been devastated by an invasion of 'buggers'.  Buggers are insect like aliens from a distant planet.  In order to help preserve life on Earth the search is on for a command leader intelligent enough to design a battle strategy to would defeat the buggers.

In a school full of child geniuses Ender is the smartest.  Ender is chosen above all others, including his siblings, to attend Battle School. Battle School is a lot like it sounds, it is a futuristic school to teach the most intelligent of children how to wage war.  At Battle School,  Ender meets some people that are crucial to his future.  I do not want to give away too much of the story, I merely wanted to set it up.

This book is skillfully composed and has a unique twist. The book has multiple focuses including politics, war, and life as a young child.  Ender's Game is especially rewarding if you are someone who has experienced bullying.  If you are interested in sci-fi, this is a must read. As further evidence to its popularity, Ender's Game was made into a graphic novel series.  There are a number of sequels to this book.  Some sequels were written by the original author Orson Scott Card and some were not.

I can not wait for the movie and I am especially excited to see Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff.  Overall I would give the book a 7.0 out of 10.  If I read this book at a younger age my review would probably have been higher.  My final thought is did the Battle School 'desks' spark the idea for a tablet computer?

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