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Boy Wonder Movie Review

Posted by Unknown Saturday, November 3, 2012
No, they didn't make a movie about Robin, but it's slightly obvious that this story is directly influenced by Batman. The way the director works also shows that he may also have a great love for graphic novels.

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The movie follows a young 17 year old boy named Sean Donovan who, at a young age, witnessed his mother's murder right before his eyes. This changed him on a deep level. He became fixated on the man he saw that night, his mother's killer. He wants nothing but to find the man and seek revenge. But when he reads one day that the man he believes killed his mother was arrested and is out of reach, he decides to take his rage out on something other than his punching bag. On people who inflict pain on others.

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Our Boy Wonder doesn't rock the cape or even the tight spandex suit. He doesn't use fancy gadgets or wing dings (Robin's version of batarangs) or even a grappling gun. And he certainly doesn't follow Batman's 'no gun' policy. He is fueled by, not only rage, but a sort of performance enhancer. No, not like Viagra. It's a drug, or poison, that blocks out pain and builds strength. Sort of like Bane's 'venom' only he doesn't become a huge freakish monster.

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Like Batman, Sean has a friend in the police, Bill Baldwin. A detective who helped identify Sean's mother's killer on that very night so many years ago. This detective lets him spend time at the station and peruse through files. Definitely taking influence from Batman again, with Commissioner Gordon. As detective Baldwin's retirement approaches, a cop named Teresa Amesgets promoted to detective for making an arrest and cracking a 2 year case. The same man she arrested, is the man Sean believes to be his mother's killer.

Sean, throughout the movie, is constantly tormented by flashbacks of that night. It starts to take a toll on him and he starts to lose control. He begins to piece things together as he starts to remember details he couldn't remember before of the night he watched his mom died. If you're a fan of batman, or just plain old vigilante vengeance, you're going to love this movie. But don't take it from me, take it from Ant Dogg Chillin himself:

"You can't go wrong with the Batman recipe. This movie is no exception."

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