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Batman: The Long Halloween Review

Posted by Unknown Friday, November 9, 2012
This is a comic I would recommend to absolutely anyone.  Whether you are an avid comic reader, do not even know who Bruce Wayne is, or are anywhere in between.  This comic will keep your attention.
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The story begins with a mysterious murder of a high ranking member of the organized crime family on Halloween day. From there each issue continues to tell the story of Batman attempting to catch the killer who only strikes on Holidays.  Each of the 13 issues has an exciting story within the larger story.

This story kept me guessing the entire time as to who 'Holiday' really was?  Just when I thought I had an idea there was a left turn in the plot. The comic was able to bring smaller villains into the story and give them important roles.  I mean how many people know who Solomon Grundy is?  In this story arc we were also given the origin of a villain. While this 'turn to the dark side' was not unexpected, it was executed perfectly.

The prologue in the newest print of the book has a Q and A with Christopher Nolan, writer and director of the Dark Knight trilogy.  Nolan explains how influential this 13 issue series was to creating the entire trilogy. After reading The Long Halloween, you will only enjoy the movies even more.

Combine this profound story with the unique and aesthetically pleasing artwork of Tim Sale and you will have a hard time putting this series down.  I give this series a 9.0 out of 10.  Find out who Holiday is, then pick up a copy of Dark Victory the sequel to The Long Halloween.

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