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Meet the Team: Andrew Baker Profile

Posted by Fanboys Anonymous Monday, October 22, 2012


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Andrew Baker is the overwhelmed parent of three psychotic screamers. When he isn't writing Light State II or any other literary works, he practices writing nonsense, stalks good nerdy buys on Craigslist, immerses himself in 2D, early 3D worlds and comics and enjoys following his wife around with his tongue out. He collects interesting art and comic art, specifically TMNT art and, as sort of a side note, he collects anything that he thinks his father would call him an idiot for having. Like most fogies, Andrew can't figure out the buttons on these newfangled systems, so he lies about modern gaming stats. Right now, he's a competitive player on Super PlayStation XII and the reigning competitive champion of Tekken XLV.

Andrew Baker is in love with Dark Science Fiction. He likes watching and writing about weird malfunct personalities, bent minds, crazy people and, in general, people you don't want to run into ever. His favorite scenarios are of the science fiction, fantasy or even paranormal realm. His first book, called The LeMarcles Class, while perhaps not his best writing, has one of the foulest minds ever, without crossing the serial killer threshold. It remains an unfinished, unedited project to this day, but is still available on Create Space for any (hopefully) future hard core fans.

Andrew Baker is also the proud author of Heaveny Convalesce to Light State and Crooked Nemeses, a graphic novel proposal, which contains very twisted personalities as well. He's not sure why he enjoys the twisted broken minds so much, but is certain why he has chosen Science Fiction as his baby. From a young age, he has always wished there was just more going on; something worthy of human intelligence. Plus, with his humbuggery and pessimistic eeyorisms, the imaginary worlds in his mind are where he's happy. He still recalls learning that he would never really be able to fly and, since at that time Super Man was his hero, it was a terrible let down, but, for him, knowing that exotic worlds, or different kinds of people, or even life in general, might exist out there, means that all is not lost. Stay tuned! Maybe we'll find out sooner than we think, or sooner than we hoped.


What are some of your favorite movies of all time?

Scott Pilgrim, Ichi The Killer, Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, Wristcutters: A Love Story, Safety Not Guaranteed, The Matrix Trilogy, The Ring Trilogy, Les Miserable, and pretty much anything Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Paranormal / Superhero related

What are some of your favorite television shows of all time?

The original TMNT animated series, the new TMNT on Nick, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Batman: The Animated Series, Quantum Leap, MacGyver, Transformers (the original animated series), G.I. Joe, Tales From the Crypt, The Office (before Michael Scott left), Breaking Bad, MTV's The Head, MTV's Aeon Flux, Disney's Gargoyle's animated Series, Dark Wing Duck, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, X-Men (the original '90s animated series), Star Trek, Swamp Thing

What are some of your favorite video games of all time?

Battle Toads Genesis, FFIII, FFVII, FF VIII, FF IX and X, Double Dragon, Dragon Warrior original, Legend of Dragoon, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures, Toe Jam and Earl, Balloon Fight, Super Smash TV, Earth Worm Jim, Super Mario Bros. 1,2 & 3, Super Smash Bros original, Mario Kart Super Nintendo and 64, Luigi's Mansion, Eternal Darkness, Super Mario Bros WII, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Rayman and, for some reason, Oni PS2 and Die Hard Trilogy PS1.

What are some of your favorite books or comics of all time?

I'm currently collecting old Grendel and The Maxx titles as well as Concrete and The Goon. I like and read superhero comic books, but I generally collect dark or odd titles.

My favorite books are God's Debris by the comic writer that wrote Dilbert and Sphere by Michael Crichton.


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